Here's the proofread version: I am trying to understand my 20-year-old son, and his behavior. This morning, as he was about to leave home for college, I gave him some cash for the road, which I normally do whenever he is traveling. However, instead of being happy about it, he was not satisfied and said he was expecting me to give him more. The reason he gave was that he had helped me deliver something to my friend's house and it took almost 2 hours on the road. He felt that for his effort, he should have received more money considering he spent a long time driving. He sawq felt that he deserved more now that he had actually helped me. At first, I tried to patiently explain to him that the money and the delivery were not related. However, he continued to complain, saying he had worked so hard for me and that he only took a 5-minute break, yet I only gave him so little. In reality, the amount given was over $100. My husband and I became very upset and didn't talk to him on the way to the airport. He sensed that something was wrong but said nothing and left. I am trying to understand why he seems so ungrateful and selfish. Is he really an ungrateful and selfish person, or is he simply unable to relate the series of events?

Posted by at 2024-01-05 02:50:03 UTC