I just read the section in one of the books on how to motivate with connection. I have a question. My son feels school and homework is pointless and like in the book doesn’t see how doing the work relates to anything he will do as an adult. I’ve already made the mistake of saying good grades equals a good career and a good career equals money and taking care of yourself. Well that just further frustrated him. The only thing he’s really passionate about is playing video games and some coding and some animation. But even in those things he finds a lack of motivation and says what’s the point. What in the world can I say to him that would leave him feeling like he has a choice and choosing school/homework will give him something he wants? I understand the concepts I’m reading but in real life it is a challenge for me. My son is 13. And yes I see the logic in what he is saying. He may never use or need half the stuff he has to do. And yes I’ve come to the rescue as of lately and took on more of his assignment thinking he just can’t do it. Arghh I am so typical of the examples in the book. I got to find a way off this cycle and figure out what to say that makes sense to him. Any thoughts? Thanks, Heidi

Posted by heidireiswig at 2024-01-03 20:05:44 UTC