My son hasn't been diagnosed yet. But his school and my research have definitely shown that he could have Asperger's. He is seeing his pediatrician this Friday. However, some of his sensory issues he seemed to grow out of. Is this what can happen? He used to be afraid of bright lights and sun and always wanted sunglass. This is no longer the case. He also was afraid of loud noises.. which has improved greatly. This next school year his school is developing an IEP plan. He will be nine and never had one before. All of his scores and reading and math have been either at age appropriate or math is incredibly high. However he does have issues reading social cues and difficulty making some friends. I guess my question is if anyone here has found an IEP has made their child feel more different? I don't want it to isolate him. I understand it's there to help him. However at this time connecting with peers is so important to him. Thank you for any help. From a concerned moma new to an Asperger's diagnosis

Posted by jess0987 at 2022-06-15 21:39:14 UTC