~Focus after Mastering~ As I am about to take the next step in transition back into working. I can't help but to think about it all. Seems like I've always lost interest after the new wears off. Commercial Fisherman was the only "hobby" or fun job I remember having. Every trip was an adventure. Was it my addiction that led me away from the understanding of getting the job done? Or my lack of interest in the job I was getting paid to complete? I have been thinking about my short term goals more probably because of the new year! But I have not lost my focus on what the goal is. Goals are important but they also must be achievable. So mine are simple goals. Start, go to work, get a routine, and maintain a healthy diet and sleeping habit. So what happens "if" I lose interest and can't keep a healthy focus in the career I have chosen to continue in? Well I have some options, but I'm not focusing on what hasn't happened yet. This all depends on what task I am being asked to complete and how good of a "coach" boss I have. I'm ready to get started, I am fired up about getting back into working. It feels so great completing the task, benefiting from my job done the work comes together and wahla. Gratification!

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2024-01-03 13:42:38 UTC