I am no longer a captive to others ups and downs. Today When I looked at someone and saw something different about them. Remembering I am not responsible for others emotions. I immediately felt as if there was something I had done or could do. Nope, after spending a year and a half learning the discipline to gather details "fact" and to not let my feelings lead the moment. ~FEELING ARE NOT FACTS~ It is my responsibility to protect myself. I am responsible to learn about my own emotional well-being. Yes I had a tough time learning how to navigate situations. Looking left looking right. No longer able to get the ok or no way from mom or dad. Or they explain the best they could what was happening to me. ~July 2022 👀 WOW~Now January 2024 🎶I SPEAK JESUS (feat Steve Musso) Charity Gayle

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2024-01-01 15:28:03 UTC