Hi, I'm a mom currently taking the Accountability Plan course as well as a special ed teacher/tutor. I'm very grateful to have found this group! I think the advice and direction provided is smart, well-directed and targeted for those in defense-mode, and thoughtful re how to productively support parents as well. My son, 30, is doing reasonably well professionally as a software developer, but not so much socially. He has a game-playing friend group, but especially since the pandemic has not made new friends, is living at home (we are fine with this until he's ready to move out--but want to help prepare him), and does not really know how to meet people or make friends. He wants to date and have a relationship with a woman and is currently working with an on-line dating coach (though this is not, I think, getting at core social inhibitions). I have tried to help him find Meet-Ups, interest groups, or even Jewish singles groups (since we are Jewish though this is not at all a requirement). He's tried several dating sites online, but I am wondering if Asperger Experts would consider creating a course in Dating on the Spectrum. Or if others in the Community have suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate them. TIA!

Posted by lchinitz23 at 2023-12-31 21:33:14 UTC