I have a 27 year old daughter who has high functioning autism from all we can tell. She lives on her own, she has a job, she pays her bills (not always on time but she pays them). My question is what is the best course for her to purchase and start with. (She does want to do that) We have watched a lot of the free videos. We have purchased the course for parents. She deals with a lot of anxiety and lots and lots of interpersonal relationship issues at work and wants to quit frequently. She has friend issues and anxiety issues and is constantly calling and texting us for little tiny things just for connection not because she really needs anything. She hates being at home alone and is always seeking out someone who can go do something with her and it bugs her friends. Please suggest. We were going to purchase breaking Free but then I heard relieving the pressure might be best? Help? Colleen

Posted by restored82018 at 2023-12-31 00:11:04 UTC