How do you help a age 20 female who is very intelligent but socially deficient.. She was taken to 4 years of regular school but was made to feel stupid and she would cry herself to sleep the night before school saying her brain was broken. she was taken out of school in grade 5 and signed up in on line school. That was not successful for learning. She is talented in art and gets programs for her technology and can read the instructions and be creative. She has a good vocabulary and responds well to friendly reserved people. She doesn't like to be touched and has very limiting taste and texture issues which limits what she eats. If anyone has some information that could help us help her it would be greatly appreciated. She is a very compassionate and loving person and never wants anyone to be hurt or upset. If she feels she has done anything wrong she feels very guilty and thinks about hurting herself. Please contact me at

Posted by hazel44671 at 2023-12-30 23:40:56 UTC