I've been struggling a lot with my 15 year old son lately. He absolutely refuses to do any schoolwork at home and is failing 2 classes. Since his school goes by semesters and the first semester ends on January 25, that means he will lose credits and will have to retake those classes next year. He is also getting extremely aggressive and nasty with me. Last night, he didn't like what I made for dinner (even though it is something he has eaten and enjoyed before) and was telling me he was going to punch me in the mouth, among other threats of physical violence. He even picked up a chair and pretended he was going to hit me with it (not the first time) and threw a punch at my head that barely missed. I can't set any boundaries because he gets angry and has already punched me in the back and arm when I have tried to get him to do his schoolwork by offering to help. While he has always had problems controlling his anger, this violence and verbal aggression is recent. To be honest, I'm afraid of him now.

Posted by marybary29 at 2023-12-29 18:36:17 UTC