I am new here and want to ask for input. My son is 7, going on 8. (We are a family of 4, his older brother is soon 13, and they have a good relationship for the most part.) He recently changed schools. I need support to communicate with the school. / Help son settle in. I understand transitions are challenging and also might take some time. He is not yet diagnosed, but there's social and language related difficulties. He protests most mornings, and it is hard to leave for me once we get there. I am not sure how to advice the teachers, or my son. Even when I give feedback I don't think the school quite understand. Upon arrival he does not seem anxious as I see it, but just wants to do his own thing. But i do think it comes from being unsettled/anxious, and that he will not take orders etc. I saw a AE video that made a lot of sense regarding the sensory funnel ... So school is trying to correct his behavior and lack of social / communication skills, but he is not coping very well... They try to correct the morning situation by being stricter it seems -- or more structured, and both me and my son is having a hard time adjusting to this. I like the school and they are doing their best. The first week or so, coming to school was easier as they were "on" while he was new. And then it was expected that he would come in and sit down at his seat on a bench and sit and wait. On top of being in a new school his sweet teacher had to have surgery, and left after a few weeks ... so he is dealing with another new teacher now, who happens to be very anxious –– after he ran away during a walk near the school, and she freaked out and got angry. He made progress after I told him that he is a good friend, and and that i can tell that it is difficult for him when he is together w his friends, that everybody has something they find difficult -- and the next you know he willingly went to school and brought his small teddy to school. His own idea. He was so relieved. Then a few days later the teacher took it away to make him behave in class. He responded by throwing chairs. Then they removed him from the classroom and gave him a new chance to "behave" while making muffins. This did not do it for the teacher. And then she called me and let me remotely be part of a conversation w him where she was asking him why he threw the chairs. He did not answer, but would respond nonverbally Y/N. I thought she did well trying to ask questions, but she did not connect it to him being upset about the teddy. I talked to him later, and he confirmed this. I then communicated it to her. Maybe I just need to give the teacher some time to catch on. Now that I am starting to see the situation more clearly myself ... I am not sure I should mention that I am looking into Aspergers or ADHD etc, at this point? Please chime in if you know how my son can be helped!! I want to make sure he gets the right kind of challenges, and that I can be the support he and the teachers need to help navigate these things more easily.

Posted by anneolaug at 2022-06-14 19:15:11 UTC