My 15 year old son with autism, anxiety, and adhd struggles to get his work done every day. We homeschool, and every day, it feels like we're nagging or fighting with him to get his school work completed. He knows what he needs to do and knows how to do it but struggles with the execution. We're new to the diagnosis and not sure how to help him. His dad and he fight a lot over his apparent "laziness" but I don't think it's laziness, I think it's a genuine struggle for him to be motivated to do the work. How can we help him to get his work done? I've read the articles on motivation, and I'm unsure how to apply the advice. I am also on the spectrum and struggle with the same thing as my son, so I can relate but struggle to point him in the right direction. Also, I'm wondering if there's a book recommendation for parenting teens with autism.

Posted by macramemom at 2023-12-27 22:19:52 UTC