Hello thanks for having me. My wife Kim and I started a coffee shop in KC Missouri. With wanting to give young adults with intellectual disabilities a place to work after graduating highschool, like our son Charlie. We recently hired a young man with Asperger's, who is very interested in roasting coffee with me. Yesterday was his first day and it's very hard to tell if he enjoyed roasting. I mean he said he did, so I'm sure he did. I was encouraging when he was roasting and gave even a fist pump when he got through an entire roast from start to finish by himself. I was super proud of him. I just want to make him comfortable and want him to know he's in a safe place. Any tips to help ease this young man's anxiety and keep him interested in roasting so he doesn't get bored with it would be great. Thank You if you read this far. Thank You in advance for any advice.

Posted by johnthull73 at 2023-12-27 15:19:18 UTC