🍕🧩 Merry Christmas 🧩🍕 I am not going to let the expectations, nor culture, and certainly will not have any commercials about someone else's opinion on how this Christmas should look like get in the way of all the progress that's been made in this past season of my life. Besides I could be there with friends and family and I still would be thinking "what are we talking about? This makes no sense to me!" And then laugh while showing my teeth with a animated yeti type smile on my face that seems to stick. What's funny with me is. Once I realize the goofy smile, I start making so many other silly faces and then I just start giggling. JOY TO THE WORLD, I do have to live with myself, I don't have to be a scrooge to those who have a different perception on the reason for the season. 🍕🧩 Merry Christmas 🧩🍕

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2023-12-25 16:16:03 UTC