How do you teach independence when they're afraid to learn it? He wants a routine. No problems there, except the routine includes other people doing things that cater to his wants/needs in the exact way he wants. Then he's upset when this routine isn't "up kept", and blames the others for not "keeping the routine". I would be fine if his routine was something he set and did on his own. He won't do the tasks on his own, and is just upset when others don't do "their part". When informed that others have they're own lives, and doing things for him is a FAVOR, and if he wants x done for himself then he should do it. He shuts down, says he's defective, and a problem. I don't give into this, and just try to focus on the fact that he's perfectly capable of doing the tasks on his own. I think deep down he's afraid of doing them "wrong" and doesn't see himself as capable of making a routine, as well as completely resistant to accepting anything to the contrary. So please is there even a way to teach/encourage independence, or is this a lost cause due to his own fear and resistance?

Posted by millersam07 at 2023-12-22 02:31:10 UTC