I was talking to a friend how doesn't have any kids and she was saying that my life must be very hard. She thinks this because "typical" parenting isn't effective, but I honestly don't think those tactics are good for any child. I went on to tell her things that are happening in my life feel pretty normal to me and how my interests as a child and teen are helping me now. This discussion led to different learning styles of my children whom I have no trouble accommodating. But I thought about my husband and how I expect him to learn all this material which is always presented in printed form or discussions. Of course, I get upset that he doesn't really participate. His body is present for classes and meetings, but nothing sinks in, and he certainly doesn't practice. IF I am going to be fair, I have to acknowledge that my husband is a hands-on learner. He is an engineer by profession, and he has lots of hobbies like model rockets and airplanes that he also launches and flies. He even mentions how a lot of his coworkers are paper engineers meaning they know theories they have read in books but no hands-on experience. How can I present class material to a person in a hands-on way? Of course, this is a trigger for me as well because he is an adult, and he should be asking himself this question. I know the land of "should" is not reality and just la-la land because nobody does everything, they "should" be doing.

Posted by sarakal1 at 2023-12-21 05:34:42 UTC