Any advice for helping a child learn when it’s ok to help and when they need to just let people do their own thing? My very bright 3.5 year old is most likely ASD (results tomorrow) and one of the main issues we have is she will try to immediately take over and help anyone she can. She is doing it to be helpful, but most 3 year olds really don’t appreciate another 3 year old coming over and “helping” them carry their toy to the other side of the room or “helping” them take a nap in the middle of preschool. or taking scissors from them to cut their craft project for them. We had a 2 year old over yesterday and my daughter spent the entire time obsessively trying to control her and do everything for her and tell her what to do. I’ve tried explaining that people like to do things on their own and she should only help if asked, but she seems to just not be able to stop herself and I end up yelling which I absolutely hate. She is a rigid rule follower, but I can’t think of a way to explain it in terms she will understand and be able to form the rule in her brain. I am self diagnosed autistic and it’s really hard for me to not get super frustrated when she is aggressively nice after I tell her over and over to stop. I can and do hold boundaries, but things would be so much more peaceful if she wasn’t constantly trying to do things for other people that they want to do themselves. Her OT suggested possibly play therapy. Any opinions on that?

Posted by gymcodge at 2023-12-20 15:00:48 UTC