What a rough few weeks. My son had been taking Wellbutrin along with Zoloft and doing pretty well. He seemed to be feeling much better. Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving evening he had an episode that looked like a seizure. We contacted his doctor, and an EEG was ordered. We had a phone appointment with the neurologist, and she ordered an MRI for tomorrow. ALSO the psychiatrist took him off of the Wellburtin immediately. Today my son (age 12) got completely overwhelmed for some reason and we had a rough time getting him out of the house. We wanted him out because he looked very upset and was starting to throw things. We gave him space and asked if he wanted to go to the park which he nodded yes. It was still difficult even though he agreed. Our 18-year-old daughter came along with my son and I and my husband stayed home. Right before we turned the corner to our street, my daughter starts saying how she can't relax at home because someone in the house is always upset or having blow ups or straight up arguing (yelling, screaming throwing things on the extreme end). I do understand what she is saying. I often times feel like a prisoner and honestly, we haven't even been able to decorate for Christmas let alone get ready for any festivities. She too has lots of anxiety and has trouble coping. She said she finds taking baths relaxing but she can't do that because every time she hears a sound, she wonders what her brother is throwing. Her middle school years were hell and she ended up at the hospital 3 separate times. That impacted all of us for sure. Now it is my son going through middle school. Cue the rollercoaster.

Posted by sarakal1 at 2023-12-19 02:33:34 UTC