Hello everybody I’m a doctor mom to a gifted neurotypical and another gifted artist aspie. Didn’t know anything about autism 4 yrs back and now I think I know much much more than parents ,therapists, teachers and doctors in india From a state of crying all night to now a much more understanding mom and much happier children is possible by changing the mindset Ted talk by Guy shahar beautiful reality of autism gave me hope and a totally different perspective than what was told to me by therapists and neurodevelopmental physicians , then I read temple grandin and now this wonderful community and guidance by Travis and Danny I keep going to the transcripts here and those are working wonderfully for both my neurotypical 10 yr old and aspie 6 yr old Vagus nerve relaxation techniques low demand parenting and respecting our children’s choices are the most important elements for happier and thriving children Each child is different and we have to find ways which suit us Still we can learn from others experiences Anything or any concept that has helped you guys which I’m not aware of is what I ask you Thank you

Posted by swatipaliwaldoc at 2023-12-18 11:41:51 UTC