I just remembered this from last year, VICARIOUS - SECONDARY TRAUMA. OR "COMPASSION FATIGUE" This happens when someone experiences second hand trauma and inadvertently has psychological effects from the experience. So let's say someone who I love is going through a tough experience. I can see how this affected them, and I began to start feeling the effects and going through the struggle with the person. Now we both are traumatized, and I am not able to function in a way that is healthy for the person "over protecting" the one I love. I start trying to make things easier for them "it hurts me to see them suffer" because I now believe it's what I'm doing that is hurting them. Now by this point I have embraced their behavior and confirmed to them that there really is a reason to be traumatized by the "simple daily". This is where most parents begin to enable a child. Parents want to see their children happy right? Is compassion fatigue related to why some parents struggle as much as the child? Don't know if this will help but a therapist I had to see in the program I was in, she showed this to me when I noticed this behavior in one of her coworkers. So this therapist would start out the day on task but when something simple would flare up in an individual in her group she began to show signs of trauma her self. It would start by her agreeing with the person being out of line. And instead of taking control of the situation She would make up excuses for the person who was out of line with the group to the point of rewarding their inappropriate behavior. I noticed how it did not matter who was showing the signs of distress, the therapist could not stop fidgeting things on her desk or address the group with any authority. I'm not a doctor.

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2023-12-18 01:42:50 UTC