I have another question, my son who is 16 the other night told me that he could tell peoples feelings? E.g when people feel anxious or paranoid, and depression, is this a symptom of Asperger? He does go out, his personal hygiene is over the top excellent, except his room, it’s a skip bin, he travels by him self to school everyday, he’s been trying to avoid the school due to the 2 hours distance, and he said he doesn’t like being around people on the tube because he see them everyday and told me that he’s tired of it, he doesn’t feel uncomfortable on load noises but over react because the sound comes all a sudden, but sometimes he don’t get scared by load noises, almost ignoring it, he smokes cigarettes, because he wants to be tough, and told me that his friends started him smoking, I’m very stressed because the school want us to apply him to the Autistic research centre. He barely socialise with other people in school because he doesn’t understand slang and he also said they follow social media trend that he’s not interested creating a massive confusion every time he socialise, he can speak fluently around his friends, and around family member, Great sense of humour but sometimes not. Which is also funny. Thank you for reading this because my wife is angry at the school for calling him autistic, but I explained to her that it’s nothing big it’s normal to be autistic, because at the end of the day life is still good.

Posted by guan at 2022-06-11 18:48:17 UTC