Hello, I am new here. I need support and help. I am the mother of an 11 years old child undiagnosed (missed, as he is high functioning) ASD boy. His behavior is getting worse, especially when bored. He can't stop it and escalates very quickly. He starts verbally abusing his little brother (5) and if I try to interfere then he thinks I love little brother more and starts attacking me saying terrible things. Yesterday he wished me death. I am sorry but I can't get over this so easily this time. He wished I died early like my mother. I can't just forget. I don't care he doesn't understand what he says, I am a human being with feelings, not a robot. Today he came and apologized multiple times, i can't find a sparkle of love in my heart right now. What do I do when he is bored like that? Nothing i suggests is taken, everything i say he says no to. He doesn't respond to anything. I can't go on like this.

Posted by NYC1-ML at 2023-12-16 21:44:06 UTC