Hi, I'm 39, and I start a new position as a volunteer next week! And soon I will transition out of this Discipleship program back into the workforce. I started out as most do closed up to all, masking and processing where I was. I was overwhelmed by all the new in my life. Close quarters with 6 people. Now there are over 70 men in the disciple program. WOW 👀 back this is so awesome to be able to successfully communicate my own feelings to others and not take on someone else's identity🧩✝️💞👣 I am in tears, this has not been easy for me. At six months I signed a six month prescription plan to volunteer as a custodian. Soon there was a need for a driver and I was like "yes I can drive". Well all the noise in the van caused me to become overwhelmed again and I lashed out. But as I know from my parents😃I got back in that van and I just drove. Now my Father has made an opportunity again for me to overcome my fears, and I know there will be a time when I become overwhelmed. But through years of training I know "I am an overcomer". As I look ahead I know my toolbox is a full get-R-done attitude. This time away from my family has pruned and nourished our relationship. Because I can see they have done their best to see that I was able to get up on my own this time. And Our Father has provided the way for us. My heart cries out for the family's I read about because we have lived through and can relate to most of your stories 💞 This all got started when my family stopped enabling me to continue in harmful activities. Though my story may be different. Addiction is a stimulation disorder and that must be addressed. Sooner or later! So I will be working on the fire protection system in one of the buildings to be opened for another 120 people to join in on the battle to overcome life's toughest challenges. For me it is "Codependency" There was ✝️ By Zack Williams.

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2023-12-15 21:00:37 UTC