With holidays approaching, does anybody have a good resource for helping extended family and others 'get it'? I would love to be able to send the judgey folks a link with a gentle video or something that helps start the conversation so it doesn't have to start with me steeling myself for the inevitable "you're too permissive" comment, or something like that, especially when other things (e.g., dinner) are going on. I would just like to say, hey, I thought this video was helpful for understanding some of what we experience when we're together. The defense mode videos are great. I'm just wondering if there's anything out there that says, "autistic people aren't making a choice to upset you and their parents are not 'doing it wrong' -- An autistic person's brain and nervous system has something going on that you and I can't recognize because we don't experience it. But it gets in the way of them reacting and producing behaviors we're comfortable with. It causes discomfort for them more than us. Please lend them and their families some 'grace' and patience and be open to learning some things that may change how you see the world a little bit." Yes, I know that was AWESOME (I think anyway ;-) , but some sort of professional or person of credibility needs to convey that. People who are comfortable criticizing my parenting obviously don't feel they need to respect me or my experience. A jump start would be helpful. Thankin' y'all in advance!

Posted by dratndarn at 2023-12-12 21:05:10 UTC