Hi everyone just a little pet peave of mine with regards to totally ingornate family members with regards to me as a parent of an autistic adult (25)🤨. If I had a dollar for Everytime I am told "you can't always b there for him he has to learn to be on his own" ) YOU DONT THINK I KNOW THAT!!!! I am the only person he has Id love to have him talk & connect but which one of you is taking the time to learn how to connect with him? Who is helping just check in every once in a while Invite him to do things that don't overwhelm him etc!!! It is really really sad I have 11 brothers & sister all very well educated even teachers themselves & just don't bother!! Thanks everyone felt good just to reach out to community that gets it☺️

Posted by martincictheresa at 2023-12-07 21:27:41 UTC