Pardon for my English. Not my first language. If a child who is constantly being treated like a garbage in school grounds felt that there’s no need to socialise because he/she finds it hard to fit into a group who is speaking in street slang which the child does not know due to being born in a completely foreign country. If a child got told shut up multiple times in the past and being ignored for no reason by the child’s school mates, because of his/her lack of knowledge about coolness and slang due to the parents parenting and culture that their parents inherited into their head. Therefore we expect that he or she will stick to our inherited way of thinking or is that child has symptoms of Asperger because of lack of socialising with kids who speaks in slang and also being rude to him at the same time when the child expects them to be nice and polite like most of the people the child encountered and socialised with.

Posted by guan at 2022-06-09 12:05:48 UTC