I discovered last year I am probably high functioning Aspergers, which explained a lot! I wish it had been identified years ago when I was earning my MS in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling... Amongst all the other things, it changed how I'm writing my first novel. However, I could use some help in realistically portraying how ASD/Aspergers impacts two characters, one male, one female, from the wider ASD/Aspergers community. Is anyone willing to help by answering a few questions? They are mostly about 1) early childhood experiences, 2) coping strategies when social signals don't register or make sense, and 3) the impacts of that confusion on thinking and behavior? I'm looking for a sense of the internal dynamics and external impacts so I can portray them accurately and effectively. My goal with the book is to show how communications, assumptions, expectations, and their impacts can either assist in or confound mutual understanding between neurodivergents as well as neurotypicals. All responses will be kept confidential unless explicit written permission is given to quote with attribution. [Is this permitted? Also, if anyone is interested, I have a Kickstarter campaign on until Dec 27 to fund coaching for novel writing, since it is a completely different skill to writing scientific papers and community education materials, which I've done for years.]

Posted by darien.simon1 at 2023-12-05 00:24:09 UTC