Hi I'm 39 and I have been looking at the reasons I do what I do. When I do it. How I get it done. Who I involve. Can I out think my subconscious mind?💪 Suspicious activity, "your just doing that to" how much influence comes from the subconscious mind? How do I respond without thinking? Is my brain in repetition as I respond to situations? I just wanted you to know how I felt, I never remember thinking that up to age 10 or so, but my behavior showed just that, Repetition. When did my subconscious mind become a weapon against feelings? Does my subconscious mind use others to get the feeling the chemicals create? If my brain is after something and even I don't know what that something is: is it possible to trick my brain into believing it has accomplished the goal without harm? Why do I need to feel an extra feeling? Now I can see, I'm an "addict" fighting, fear, hate. Happy, joy," new feelings" I'm addicted to throwing a tantrum and then sleeping it off. Though it's been almost a year since I have allowed my addiction to overcome me. When the craving comes up ouw'i I can feel it, and then I remember, I play the tape through, forgive and move on. Knowing what is going on is half the battle. Knowing what is going on, doesn't in any way give anyone person the right to respond in an unhealthy way. If I know why I am doing something I can change the outcome!

Posted by Facebooklockout at 2023-12-04 21:33:59 UTC