I’m 15F, with level 2 autism. I’m worried. I’ve started becoming extremely angry and mean, especially towards the dogs. I don’t ever like to hurt animals, nor would I ever, but my anger has been so horrific lately that I’ve been more and more tempted. It scares me beyond words. It’s around the anniversary of a traumatic event, and I can’t tell anyone how I feel because I don’t trust anyone around me. I told my therapist a little, and he said that it’s normal with things like “trauma anniversaries”, but it isn’t okay. I don’t know how to control my anger anymore, and I’ve created various scars on my body because I can’t break things or hurt other people…so I take it out on myself. I need advice other than just “take a deep breath” or “talk about your emotions”.

Posted by Atlx.ntic at 2023-12-03 03:38:03 UTC