My 18 year old son and I have been doing a lot of work with Asperger's experts since last summer. Working on getting out of defense mode. He has been doing really well, but there is an assignment that includes everything he hates. It's a debate, it's a paper, is speaking his thoughts in front of people and it's on a topic of universal health care which really frustrates him that is isn't a thing so the research is "Painful". The teacher has accommodated him by allowing him to work alone. He had 5 topics to choose from and this was the least favorite, but he initially agreed to do it. We are now at a crossroads where the work needs to be done and he has been in shut down mood for almost a week and half and keeps getting deeper and deeper. This is flowing into his other classes and social activity has stopped. Not doing the assignment is not really an option at this point. Today, the teacher met with him and he refused to even open his chrome book to let her help him get is finished. He is currently sitting in the IEP office which is where he has been pretty much all the school week missing his three other classes every day. It hasn't been this bad since last years finals week which they ended up waiving for him as he went into a depression 2 week treatment. He seemed to get better through the long weekend as we agreed not to talk about it until the last day of break which immediately shut him down again. Any advice?

Posted by Klindberg303 at 2023-11-29 17:40:29 UTC