So frustrated with our 16 year old. (He's our grandson - we're almost 70 -, but we've raised him as our son since birth.) 5 days a week is a battle to get him to do schoolwork (we homeschool.) He wants to stay up all night and sleep all day. And today's frustration centers around an annual family tradition of going to cut our Christmas tree. He insists he did not know that we were going today. He says if I told him I must have mumbled. We planned to leave at 2pm. So I woke him up at 10 and asked how much time he'd need to get ready. He wasn't sure. I said, OK, but we're leaving at 2. At 11 and 12 I woke him up again and reiterated we're leaving at 2. At 1:15 he comes out and says he doesn't have enough energy to get ready and go. AND that we never told him that this is what we were going to do. Help!

Posted by dgbeveridge at 2023-11-25 20:58:53 UTC