Reading about other’s stories is very helpful in that I recognize and understand so much. And that doesn’t happen with my friends/family raising neurotypical kids. I’m grateful for this community. I thought it might be nice to take stock every once in a while of successes- however “small” and share out to a community that could appreciate them. If you’d like to participate, just comment on this post. So a pretty big success that I’ll share is that my kiddo very much wanted to see the latest Hunger Games movie. Enough to even go to the movie theatre (he almost always prefers to wait until a movie is streaming so he can watch at home). We picked an early matinee, ensured he had an aisle seat. Then I ran into someone I knew at the theater and we had just 5 minutes before the movie started. He wanted snacks. I gave him some $ and told him he could get a small popcorn and one box of candy. There was no one in line for concessions. He stood there for a moment and asked if I was coming. I said how about you get it yourself as I chat with my friend? And he did! Now, he has bought items by himself but ONLY with cashiers he knows. He has never purchased something from a stranger. But it was the perfect scenario: doing something he wanted (both the movie and the treats) in an uncrowded space.

Posted by lsaucedo at 2023-11-24 17:44:11 UTC