I am at my wit's end with my son. He is 25, lives at home, has a car, phone, computer access but refuses to seriously look for any employment. He walked off from his last job that he held for a year. I have encouraged him to find something months ago so he could continue to pay his car insurance and other personal expenses before he ran out of savings only to discover that he has been lying to me about his efforts to find a job. So I decided to get more involved and I send him job leads based on his work interests that he shared with me. Yet he refuses to apply to these jobs instead he keeps submitting applications for things he is not qualified for. My husband and I have spoken to him about this and receive little feedback, false promises that he will apply but he just refuses. I am only asking him to do 2-3 applications a day and then send me the confirmation. The confirmation email, after asking several times is how I know what he is doing. Without them he lies and tell me he did what I asked. I know he is running out of money and I won't be surprised to find out he hadn't paid his car insurance either. Please help me because I am at the end of my rope.

Posted by marieuno at 2023-11-23 14:16:41 UTC