I haven’t been on here lately. My son, Cole, went to a race in Las Vegas. He drives and works and is high functioning. I asked him a week before he went if his car was ok to go. Did he need an oil change, how were his tires, etc.? He told me everything was ok. Well, it wasn’t. A mechanic checked it out this morning after my niece and I went up to Vegas and towed the car back to Phoenix. The mechanic said he had practically no fluid in anything and the car was ruined. So, he’ll have to get a new used car. How do I tell him what he did to the car without making him upset? I’m upset with him, so I’ll have to not get angry with him when I pick him up from work in a couple hours,

Posted by rykatco1 at 2023-11-21 02:49:26 UTC