My 12-year-old son invades personal space a lot. He knows what personal space is, he knows it is basically an arm's length away from another person. I know he will start poking me and pulling on me if he feels uncomfortable in a public setting and wants to leave. I can recognize his discomfort by his whole demeanor not just the poking and pulling. But he also invades personal space at home. Sometimes it is done in a playful way to OR if he is mad at you and wants to annoy the person as payback. BUT a lot of times we are already interacting with him, and everyone is in a good mood. This morning we were all talking, and he starts crunching a cucumber (chewing) in his sister's ear. Of course, she asks him to stop, and he gets told "personal space" which he already knows and then he reacts negatively to being told again. To me there is something else going on, I just can't identify it yet. Does this happen with your child at home and what does it look like?

Posted by sarakal1 at 2023-11-17 20:10:25 UTC