Hello lovely folks:) First post here, hope I'm doing it correctly. I have a 10yo AuDHD son who masks too well and so does well academically. Not quite gifted but above average in most subjects (apart from sports). Anyway, obviously he then comes home and lets it out in his safe environment, which I learned how and why it is and that's fine. But as I always have been struggling with people's (parents, 'professionals', some school staff) as they see him doing well at school therefore any issues they say he has must be at and because of his home environment. And that I'm not setting boundaries. I have been drawn to Ross Greene's The Explosive Child and I have been parenting intuitively for as long as I can remember. But every now and then I come across things like this. A UK based ADHD charity, ADDISS is recommending and advocating for something called '123 magic' which to me sounds behaviourist and borderline abusive. I'm not even sure what I'm trying to get now (getting tested for ADHD as we speak). Please give me some hope and some resources that can help me to elaborate on this better, one that gives me some 'ammunition' and help me express myself better from a lived experience point of view and not from the so called professionals who pick up their knowledge from their books.

Posted by vikk13 at 2023-11-13 21:29:00 UTC