I am in desperate need of a psychiatrist or other specialist that can help a friend of mine with a long and complex history with childhood trauma, ASD2, ADHD, PTSD, OCD and other comorbidities. He had a workplace accident about 3 years ago that has also left him with some physical limitations that are compounding everything else. His current lack of emotional regulation and sheer frustration at just about everything is our biggest concern at the moment. We are having trouble finding any psychiatrist without a huge wait time and when we finally get an appointment find out that they are ill-equipped to deal with my friends needs after all. He has had a number of hospital admissions in the past and feels the need to be admitted again but there are no beds so he keeps being turned away. I dont know where to turn next or who to ask for help anymore. I need to find someone in Brisbane Qld who can actually help. Where can I go to get help for my friend?

Posted by cassbrett at 2022-06-04 16:06:28 UTC