I'm listening to Danny's latest webinar. We have taken this advice. We've made my sons life not stressed. We are kind and patient and give him space. So we are not having conflict and our relationships have improved. He's been graduated for 1 1/2 years. I don't know what can be putting him into defense mode. We are not. He has no demands on him except I ask him to do a few odd jobs around the house. I even just leave him a note so I'm not in his face asking for things. He does them most of the time. I do not make his lunch or breakfast or do his laundry or clean his room. I stopped all that. He's taking care of these things. Not perfectly but he does it. But he still has no desire to do anything outside of his room. I don't know what is causing defense mode because we are not.

Posted by Sunflowers123 at 2023-11-10 21:53:23 UTC