My son (12, ADHD and ASD) says he doesn't care about anything except how he feels at any given moment. He doesn't want to ever delay his gratification for any reason. He says "Delayed gratification sucks and I'm not going to do it!" He refuses to do anything without an immediate and tangible reward. Which he rarely gets. And when he doesn't get what he wants he yells and harangues and follows us around demanding to get what he wants. We don't give him what he wants in reaction to this behavior, and we rarely yell back. Myself, his dad, and his twin sister all feel burdened most of the time by his aggressive behavior. We are often loving to him anyway, during the rare times when he's not complaining or demanding. He's never experienced abuse or deprivation and I just don't know what to do.

Posted by zkunstenaar at 2023-11-10 02:48:59 UTC