I am a 16 year old boy and have interests and desires that might “feminine” or “gay”. Firstly I want to wear crop tops. I personally like the way I look with my belly exposed and my parents are ok with it. I also got a nose ring a month ago and LOVE it. Sometimes I just get worried that I will be thought of as “gay” even though I am not. Secondly, I constantly want to cry because I want to take care of a baby and have no babies to hold. I love to take care of babies in general by cuddling with them, feeding them their milk from their mothers, changing their diapers, etc. I know as well as anyone that taking care of a baby is a VERY hard and that I am in no place to have a child of my own; but my spirit and soul is crying out for a little being to care for. I have many baby cousins that I see on the holidays so my baby/dad brain is satisfied at those times. Is it normal to have paternal instincts this strong at my age?

Posted by Ethan Wills at 2023-11-09 12:19:35 UTC