my last post I talked about my 8 yr old sons school is not up to par on figuring out the best way to deal with hus tantrums. They use to call me or my husband at work and then we would go to the school and work with him to calm down using the emotional connection, while they try to pressure him to go back to class. the end result was him being carried out of school. I sent an email to the Sped superintendent explaining what was going on and how the principal was not willing to try something different to calm him down. well, the email was forwarded to the principal, and I now have a team meeting next Monday morning to again share the getting out of defense mode strategy. I haven't had a call from the school this week so far requesting our assistance when he has a meltdown. I know he had a meltdown because he told me he had one, and the principal said we are not going to call your parents and bother at work anymore. I wonder if this will continue? a win for us.

Posted by kroseborough68 at 2023-11-09 04:32:25 UTC