I think I posted something awhile ago about my teen aspie son having a friend from when he went to hs (we withdrew him a little over a yr ago) and he went to see her softball games. Well… there were times when we were late because we didn’t have the right time and I blamed her for not giving him the right info instead of asking him to ck it twice. Last nite, he got invited to a bowling for cancer tournament and we went to the wrong bowling alley and had to go to the right one - but again, I questioned whether she posted it wrong rather than my son reading it. He has brought it to my attn that I don’t hold him accountable for his mistakes and blame her instead (and she’s a sweet girl but sometimes females clash.) He asked that we blame him instead so he can learn from his mistakes. I guess I’m just worried that he’ll get mad, defensive and lash out at us if we do that. Has anyone else done this? I don’t mean to keep doing it but I guess it’s hard to tell them they’re wrong because u don’t know how they’re gonna take it.

Posted by Togsmom at 2023-11-08 18:15:19 UTC