Feeling pretty upset now. I know this is a rant I am sorry do not wanna be rude. But sometimes it is better to rant than have a meltdown! A lot of doctors have the "god syndrome" and most of them are arrogant and not prepared at all. They don't listen. They don't diagnose you till you are ruined and then they give you a piece of paper and say "Ok this is the diagnosis and THIS is the cost. This! Don't forget to pay! Have a good life". I am tired of people who talk and say nothing. I have to research for everything and they do not explain a thing. Today I dicovered I could have received help for dyspraxia if they talked about it before. If it was not for Tony Attwood ( cannot thank him enough) I would not even know I had shutdowns and not hysteria. Hysteria they said! When they said something at all. Yes! You can develop some kind of hysteria when you are tired of ignorant ( not all of them) doctors who work only for money! They have no sense of responsability and no shame at all. I accept a person can make mistakes but if do not update your knowledge while doing diagnoses on specific matters you are nothing more than a butcher ( with all the respect for butchers but this is not their field). When I went for a document they asked me " What you said it is called your illness?" ( cause it is no more classified as asperger). Some other doctor said "I cannot tell you everything" when they tell you nothing. Then you go and say "Is it not that?" Doctor: "Oh I forgot about that ...". Well next time I will forgot to pay, let's see then who laughs. Because I feel like I am stupid but my WAIS-IV says something else. Sorry people. Forgive my moment of instability.

Posted by Skyler at 2023-11-06 16:12:40 UTC