Feeling pretty upset about our 18 year old son. He was functioning at a high level until 16-17. We didn’t realize that the school pushing him to perform was causing him so much anxiety. He was finally diagnosed at 16 and sadly it has been downhill since then. He stopped everything in January of this year. I now realized an earlier diagnosis would have helped him at school. I feel like we missed the window because after 12-13 years old he didn’t want to hear about anything about problems or being different. We have tried so many things. I’m listening to the AE materials again. It’s hard when he’s not willing to look at energy management, talk about his sensory difficulties, read up about Aspergers. It looks like it’s causing him more distress than anything and it’s more helpful at this point to tell him that things will get better. But I don’t even know if that true. Finally we’ve concluded that he’s in autistic burnout or extreme exhaustion after years of pushing himself. So we’re waiting. Seeing some progress since January in his sensory difficulties. He’s able to handle more but it’s so slow. I would love stories of hope

Posted by Eve at 2023-11-05 16:42:15 UTC