I am currently taking the Freedom From Defense Mode class with my husband. I have also watched a number of the webinars that you air from time to time. My daughter is 21 yo and just this year was diagnosed with Autism Type 1. It has confirmed for her many things that she has struggled with over the years. She was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD was she was 14 also. Approximately 4-5 years ago she had an onset of physical chronic issues develop that dramatically affect her day to day quality of life. She attempts to manage Chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, Major sensory issues, Type 2 Diabetes, GI issues, dizziness, nausea and rapid heart rate. So....she struggles ALOT both mentally and physically. She really doesn't do anything anymore except watch on her laptop in her room. It is difficult for her to get to her medical appointments, maintain good hygiene or even hangout with friends (which she really only has one right now). I feel like she is on a constant vicious circle where mental or physical issues just keep her stuck. Many situations overwhelm her and so she avoids. I'm not sure where to start because of so many issues and all of them affect the other. Sometimes, I feel like she needs to be much better physically to effectively really work on her emotional capacity, but then she does not have emotional capacity to make progress managing physical symptoms that debilitate her. Have you found many parents that have young kiddos that struggle with many chronic illnesses as well as be nuerodiverse? Thoughts on which comes first the chicken or the egg? LOL

Posted by baumansd at 2023-11-02 23:31:05 UTC