I've been doing a lot of research on the vagus nerve. I'm feeling like this could really be the key. Last year my son was doing biofeedback, and the therapist commented that my son seems to be in constant fight or flight mode. I've just read that the sympathetic nervous system controls fight or flight and that the parasympathetic nervous system regulates "rest and digest" and brings you down from fight or flight. The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system, so if the vagal tone is week, the parasympathetic nervous system can't work properly to get you out of fight or flight mode. It make sense to me now how a person could be in constant fight or flight. I'm now doing a lot of research on how to improve vagal tone. I've discussed this with my son. He appreciates facts and science and concrete reasons for things. I am hoping that he might finally be willing to work with me. I did some brief reflexology with him last night that is supposed to help the vagus nerve. My son said he felt more relaxed afterwards. Of course this was 1:30 am, so he should have been tired regardless, but this is a glimmer of hope.

Posted by Tara23 at 2023-11-02 03:23:52 UTC