Hi. My 18 year old son appears to be deep in defense mode. Communication with us (mom and dad) is very very minimal. He will only leave the house for a weekly counseling appointment and a weekly drum lesson. He has 1 friend that visits about 1x/6months, he doesn't go to school or work. We restrict his gaming to 2 nights per week. I just took the 5 week course & think that we need to work on rebuilding our relationship with him. The last couple of years we've been trying to "push" him to do things like go to school, get a job, hang out with friends, drive, leave the house, go to the gym etc.. And, he ultimately refused to do any of those things. He seems to be in the "nope" stage. So, now he basically spends his time avoiding us. We have started trying to just engage in positive interactions with him (i.e. ask about a tv show, play an xbox game with him). This feels like its going to be a very very slow process. Any one have any advice?

Posted by pinkybordadora at 2023-11-01 23:25:33 UTC