Hi all! My daughter is 13 and I have been having a real hard time over the last year and a half with school and home! She is failing in all of her classes even though she has an IEP and all the help she can get and she doesn't care. At home, she is not interested in doing anything and it's a struggle to get her to do any chores (even though she has a chore sheet and she could get paid for the chores to save up for a phone, etc.), but she chooses not to do anything. She is starting to get counseling services through school, but I'm at my wits end! She constantly has a chip on her shoulder and has an attitude because she wants things her way and that's it! I have talked to her over and over and tried to get her to talk, but she just says "I don't know" about everything. She lies about having her homework done and when I find out that she didn't complete an assignment, she just says "I don't know and it's hard"! She has no interest in anything and has no friends outside of school! She tried out for girls basketball, but didn't get picked! :( Her intervention specialist at school had to walk out with her to the parking lot when school was let out for me to pick her up because she is drawing on her arms to the point of making herself bleed! I don't know how to help her and feel like I'm failing as a mom! She is screaming out for help, but she would rather just ignore the help and do things her way (which doesn't work at all)! Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA!

Posted by BJM2010 at 2023-11-01 14:40:24 UTC