My 17 yr old son struggles to wake up and get out of bed. It takes at least 30 minutes of the alarm blaring and me continually reminding him to get up. Once he does get up he stops and just stands and stares into space for 5-10 minutes before he will start each task required to get ready for school which eventually ends in him leaving 10 minutes later than he should. He will say his goal is to leave for school at 7:25 each morning yet he is aware when 7:25 comes and goes and will not move any quicker or skip a step of his routine to just go ahead and leave. Instead he moves through the last few tasks and then leaves late again and gets agitated with me if I try to encourage him to move a little faster or to skip finishing his bottle of water or take it with him so that he can just get to the car and leave. Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions? I am currently going through The Accountability Planning course and am hoping for help there as well.

Posted by lmorgan03 at 2023-10-29 13:21:06 UTC