Supporting the sibling of ASD kid? Advise. Little brother gets trampled a lot and big brother with ASD is rude to him. More that Mr ASD doesn't understand he is not little bro's parent. When he is rude in my presence I call him out. I am putting little bro in therapy and trying to work it out so it is in the same office as ASD bro so the therapists can share notes. As l8ttle bro learns skills ASD therapist has a heads up so whrn ASD boy complains he can be coaches that little bro has feelings that need respected. Trying to give him tools to cope with his anxious feelings and tools to cope with ASD boy more on his own. Also any advice on the uneducated grandparent factor?

Posted by SplishSplash1979 at 2023-10-29 01:24:36 UTC