Our 18 year old (grand) daughter recently graduated from homeschool. She asked for a gaming computer for her graduation gift. We were in the process of staying in our RV and I told her that once we got settled back home that we’d probably get her one. Yesterday when she asked my husband about it, he answered her question with a question. Well that was all it took and she was on the edge of a meltdown for the rest of the day. His question was, “So what are your plans for the future?” I tried to explain that it was not the correct response to her question. He told her he’d get her one if she agreed to take online college classes and she was telling him that until she gets her mental health in order that she is too overwhelmed to think about the future. I see both points and feel like I’m in the middle, being squeezed from both sides. I agree that I don’t want to enable her to get deeper into online games and online community to the point of never leaving her room. I also know that it’s the only place she feels like she can be herself. I’m honestly torn because I know that she is capable and willing to do great things on the computer, but he sees it as being in a make believe world. He’s scared that she won’t be able to function after we are no longer here. But because I know that she’s done everything in her life years later than normal, I think she may be ok in the future. Just needed to vent. Thanks.

Posted by littlebit.0718 at 2023-10-28 15:26:36 UTC